About Moy Avaz

Moy Avaz is an instrumental world-jazz outfit from Munich, Germany with the rather unusual line-up of accordion, keyboards, electric bass and drums.

It all started with a handful of compositions by funk and fusion bassist Boris Boskovic (Croatia), which he worked on together with acquainted jazz keyboardist Christian Doll (Germany). Right from the start, their collaboration was centered around a strong interest in the melodies and rhythms of the Balkans - paired with a modern band sound and plenty of room for improvisation.

They soon found a drummer, in the person of  Dzenan Suntic (Serbia), who was able to playfully implement the (often odd-meter) grooves and who perfectly complemented the overall sound of the band with his use of oriental percussion instruments such as the Tarabouka.

A saxophone or an electric guitar as a fourth instrument could certainly have rounded off the quartet nicely. But at this point it was already clear that this was not going to be an "ordinary" jazz-fusion combo! Instead, the band went in search of an instrumentalist who could bring in a more traditional voice while sharing the energy, groove and improvisational skill of the other three. What at first sounded like an impossible job description, actually turned out to be much exceeded by the musical profile of the exceptional accordionist Vladislav Cojocaru (Moldova).

‚ÄčOnce this pan-European quartet was complete, they soon grew together as a musical unit. Their distinct and recognizable style and sound, which they since have named New Eastern Jazz, can be heard on their first album Are you free? (2018) - and of course at their much-acclaimed live shows.